Van Kleef's liqueurs are made using only natural ingredients which we infuse in pure grain alcohol. After the maceration process, the spirit is filtered and sweetened, then further blended with selected ingredients to give the liqueur its final flavour. 

Strawberry liqueur

Strawberries - the king of summer - reinvented as a liqueur. Pure, spicy, fresh and medium sweet. Made using natural ingredients with utmost care and artisan craftmanship. Serve chilled with shaved ice and a leaf of mint for a fruity pick-me-up throughout the year. (24% ABV) Buy online >

Apple pie liqueur

An Old Dutch liqueur with the flavour of grandma’s apple pie, invoking traditional Dutch craftmanship. Made using sour apples, cinnamon, raisins and a splash of lime, this artisan fresh sweet liqueur is perfect on its own or with snacks. (14.5% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: Soak apples and raisins in the apple pie liqueur to make a tasty filling for homemade apple pie. 

Forest Fruits liqueur

A selection of ripe forest fruits – including blueberry and blackberry – come together to create a glorious, warming liqueur with fresh notes. Our classic recipe showcases the unique flavours and quality ingredients on your palate. It's especially delicious with old Dutch cheeses and smoked meats. (24% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: Enjoy with a blue cheese.

Raspberry liqueur

A velvet-soft liqueur comprised of sun-ripened raspberries. Traditionally crafted, following an authentic recipe and using natural ingredients. Intense crimson red in color, with a rich aroma and light fresh-sweet brilliance in aftertaste. Delicious with aged cheeses, added to a food dish or on its own. It caresses all the senses. (24% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: A splash in white wine, champagne or prosecco as variation of the Kir (Royal).

Marinade thinly sliced, smoked duck breast in the Raspberry liqueur and serve with a fresh salad. 

Cinnamon liqueur

Generous pieces of cinnamon stick are infused in alcohol for six months, before the cinnamon extract is mixed with a few selected ingredients and sugar. A treat added into coffee – or on the side –, it also works well as a kitchen ingredient. (24% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: Enjoy a splash in your coffee on cold winter nights. 

Cumin liqueur

The pure flavour of cumin (also known as caraway seed) gives this spicy liqueur its characteristic yet somewhat anise-like flavour. Delightful as an appetizer but also highly recommended with different fresh fishes. (30% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: Compliments a fatty, smoked dish such as salmon or mackerel.  

Mandarin liqueur

Fresh and fruity pleasure with the pure flavour of sun ripened mandarins. (24% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: Marinade red fruits in the Mandarin liqueur and serve with freshly cut mint as a dessert. 

Peppermint liqueur

Pure peppermint pleasure with a soft tingling aftertaste. (24% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: “After Eight”; Chocolate liqueur mixed with Peppermint liqueur – ratio 3/1 

Liquorice liqueur

Liquorice at its very best. Intense in flavour, boisterous in nature yet friendly in character. A real treat when served ice-cold as a shot with some mint. A timeless Dutch classic. (24% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: “Liquorice mentos”; liquorice liqueuer mixed with Peppermint liqueur – ratio 3/1

“liquorice Vodka”; liquorice liqueuer mixed with Vodka – ratio 1/1 

Bridal Tears

A traditional Dutch wedding liqueur with 24 karat gold leaves representing the “tears of happiness” from the bride. This high quality liqueur is made from cardamom, cinnamon, fennel and citrus peels to create a delicious and harmonious liquid union between Eastern and Dutch herbs and spices. A wedding essential. (24.5% ABV) Buy online >


The traditional old Dutch drink to celebrate a new birth yet – historically –  the black sheep of egg-based liqueurs. A 17th century tradition to stimulate breast feeding and to replenish the mother, it is given by the father to guests and the mother, with a cinnamon stick for stirring. Artisan craftsmanship combines brandy, sugar, fresh eggs, cinnamon and cloves. Can be stored up to one year sealed, or six months in the fridge when opened.  (17% ABV) Buy online >

Almond liqueur

Almond, the elegant and tasteful powerhouse of the nut liqueurs. Fresh, bitter almonds give this quality liqueur its surprisingly rich, deep flavour with endless ways to enjoy. Pure, in cocktails or in the kitchen, this liqueur is The Hague's 'class in a glass'. (24% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: Dip the Itallian almond cookies, Cantuccini in the almond liqueur. 



Made with craftmanship and years of experience, the taste of vanilla and butter come together to form the traditionally Dutch liqueur Boterbabbelaar. Deep in flavour and butter soft in aftertaste, its not just a  treat but also delicious with alongside a cup of coffee. (24% ABV) Buy online >

Chocolate liqueur

A refined explosion of cocoa. Artisanal preparation meets with craftmanship and experience to create this glowing and warm best friend for every chocoholic. Ingredients include roasted cocoa beans blended with a touch of cognac and vanilla. Enjoy on its own, with ice cream, with coffee, in desserts, cocktails… let's face it, what can you not do with chocolate? (14.5% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: “Mon Chérie”: Chocolate liqueur mixed with Cherry liqueur – ratio 1/1

“Dame Blanche”: Chocolate liqueur mixed with Créme Caramel – ratio 1/1 

“After Eight”: Chocolate liqueur mixed with Peppermint liqueur – ratio 3/1 

Ginger liqueur

The rich flavour of ginger asserts it’s presence in this spicy liqueur. A must-have for every ginger lover. (24% ABV) Buy online >


Tip: Delectable with aged cheeses.  In combination with Asian dishes “Eastern Flower”; Ginger liqueur mixed with Rose liqueur – ratio 1/1 

Cherry liqueur

Fresh pitted cherries are infused in alcohol. This fresh liqueur presents itself as an excellent choice for an aperitif but also with shaved ice. It also makes a perfect addition to cocktails. (24% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: “Mon Cherie”; Chocolate liqueur mixed with Cherry liqueur – ratio 1/1 

Lime liqueur

A Van Kleef classic. This soft and fresh liqueur is the result of the perfect marriage of our craftmanship, experience and the highest quality limes to create a soft liqueur for every season. Slightly sour in after taste, this liqueur begs to be discovered. (20% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: “vodka lime”; a dash of Lime liqueur in Vodka, finished with some shaved ice. 

Malt wine liqueur

Just like with a good jenever, malt wine is used as the base of this distillate. Pure malt wine and herbs are brought together through artisanry, craftmanship and experience working in unison to bring this majestic jenever liqueur to life. Robust grain flavor with a full, herbal and sweet aftertaste. (40% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: Highly qualified to soothe a sore throat.  

Hazelnut crème liqueur

A silky soft balance of flavours created with fresh cream, vanilla, caramel and hazelnuts create an enticingly light and creamy treat. Enjoy on its own or combined with ice cream, pastries or desserts. 

Can be stored up to one year sealed. When opened it will last a minimum of six months in the fridge. (14.9% ABV) Buy online >

Gingerbread liqueur

Gingerbread herbs and spices – including cinnamon, cardamom, ginger root, nutmeg, white pepper and cloves – infuse for months in alcohol. The result is a magnificent gingerbread liqueur that doesn’t only need to be enjoyed during 'Sinterklaas'.. (24% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: “Sinterklaas”; gingerbread liqueuer mixed with Almond liqueuer – ratio 2/1 

Orange Bitter

The Queen’s drink from the royal court. Crafted with artisanry, Van Kleef's orange bitter is traditionally produced following a generational-old original recipe. Whole oranges share a light bitter-sweet flavour with a surprisingly fresh aftertaste. Enjoy on its own, in cocktails or use in the kitchen. It's not just for King's Day!. (24% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: A dash in champagne/prosecco for a Dutch orange Kir Royal. 

Orange bitter mixed with Spa lemon. 

Anise liqueur

Soft, sultry anise flavour with a slightly sweet undertone but still with much-needed spice. Anise seeds combine with star anise to give this liqueur a cool and fresh character. Natural ingredients and artisan preparation make for a surprisingly depth of flavour. (30% ABV) Buy online >

Boterzout 'butter salt, salted caramel'

The taste of vanilla, caramel and seasalt combine to form a butter-soft liqueur with a salty after taste. (14.5% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: Use as syrup for pancakes.

Crème Caramel

A craft-made cream liqueur with a surprisingly wide taste palate. The silky smooth blend is based on fresh cream, vanilla and caramel to create an extremely enticing light creamy treat. It pairs well with ice cream, pastries and desserts. 

Can be stored for up to a year sealed, or when opened a minimum of six months in the fridge. (14.9% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: “Dame Blanche”: Chocolate liqueur mixed with Créme Caramel – ratio 1/1

Haagsch Hopje

The famous Hague coffee candy in liquid form. Based on coffee, vanilla and a deliciously soft coffee liqueur. (24% ABV) Buy online >

Coffee liqueur

Arabica coffee beans are roasted and then left to infuse in alcohol for six months. The resulting rich extract is then mixed with cognac and vanilla pods. A must for every black coffee or espresso lover. (24% ABV) Buy online >


The famous Itallian lemon liqueur. Made from biological lemons and pure grain alcohol. A delicious lemon liqueur with a slight bitter aftertaste. (32% ABV) Buy online >


Tip: Serve ice cold out of the freezer for a syrupy effect. 

Strong Pear

Based on the Williams pears distillate 'eau de vie', this drink combines the softness of a liqueur with the strength of the eau de vie. A perfect union of both worlds. Made for any liqueur lover who appreciates complex flair. (28% ABV) Buy online >

Tip:  Delectable with a hard goat cheese. 

Rose liqueur

Inspired by the rich Indonesian history that flows through the veins of the Hague. Sweet fragrant roses – stripped of its thorns – creates a magnificent liqueur made with craftmanship and experience. Recommended to combine with gin or add a splash to some champagne for a slightly floral, soft character. (40% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: A dash of Van Kleef rose liqueur in gin gives birth to a softer floral flavour; perfect to enjoy in the summer or mixed with some tonic. 

“Eastern Flower”; Ginger liqueur mixed with Rose liqueur – ratio 1/1 .

A dash of rose liqueur in white wine or champagne/prosecco as variation of a Kir (Royale).

Walnut liqueur

A Van Kleef classic. Carefully selected, top quality walnuts form the main ingredient of this delicately crafted liqueur. A warm, light and nutty drink that gives a truly comforting feeling. Artisanry and experience come together to guarantee the warm, creamy and nutty flavor. (24% ABV) Buy online >

Tip: “the Hague coffee”; 1/3 Walnut liqueur, 2/3 strong coffee finished off with unsweetened whipped cream. 

Dip the Italian almond cookies Cantuccini in the Walnut liqueur. 


A true old-Dutch liqueur. Based on an authentic original recipe, its a perfect partnership of herbs and citrus peels blending together to create a unqiue liqueur. 'The flavour of the past in the glass of today'. (30% ABV) Buy online >

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