Cork - 
a closure with a negative carbon footprint....

Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak. Harvested every nine years without felling or harming the tree, cork is one of nature’s most extraordinary inventions.


Traditional stoneware bottles - "just" baked clay....

Produced by Kilburg und Sohne since 1800. Find out more about this artisinal and extremely enviromenatlly friendly production of stoneware bottles


Viskring -
biodegradable closures

Viskrings are made from extruded cellulose made from wood pulp derived from renewable resources. The seals are fully bio-degradable when they are discarded.


Collecting and storing over 1000 liters of rainwater

In old beertanks we collect all the rainwater that poors onto the roof of the botteling plant. The water is used to water the museumgarden in dry periods.