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In the heart of The Hague’s historic centre, you'll discover the hidden treasure of Van Kleef. Founded in 1842, we are the sole surviving jenever and liqueur distillery that continues to operate to this day. We showcase a wide and enticing selection of local liquors and liqueurs, each one based on a traditional recipe.​


In 1842, Lambertus Theodorus van Kleef established a distillery of fine liqueurs and bitters, which later became known as the Stoomdistilleerderij 1e klasse Van Kleef v/h ’t Anker.
An extensive range of distilled alcoholic beverages were produced, imported and sold in the adjacent liquor store, whilst the distillery also exported a number of its products. Van Kleef became the last distillery in The Hague to close his doors in 1986.

In 1995, Van Kleef reopened after an extensive renovation. It is now a museum, liquor shop, wholesale business and the perfect setting for meetings, parties and receptions. Step inside and immerse yourself in the craftsmanship, quality and history of our traditional, local company.

You can also combine your visit with a tour ​through the Van Kleef Museum. During the tour you’ll hear about how The Hague was once an important distillery city in the Netherlands. 
You’ll see the distilling equipment including authentic ‘drankorgels’ (racks where the liqueurs and spirits were kept) and copper stills. Many of our liquors and liqueurs can also be sampled during a tasting session.​

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