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Staff member liquor store, museum and bar

We are looking for an enthusiastic colleague to join us. The work is very diverse, from helping customers in our liquor store, providing information about the museum and receiving and / or serving guests in our tasting room.

We offer:
- Working days in consultation (Tuesday to Saturday)

- Variable working week, minimum 8 hours to maximum 24 hours per week

- Hours per day to be determined in consultation, but presence from 3pm to 7pm is necessary

- Salary well above minimum wage

- Both local and international guests and customers

- Divers, close team of employees

- Temporary contract with a possibility to offer apermanent contract

- Pension plan
- Holiday pay 8%
- Opportunities for development and advancement

We ask:

- Flexible attitude
- Hospitable attitude
- German speaking 

- English speaking

- Dutch speaking is prefarable, not necessary
- Minimum 18 years old, no maximum age
- Catering experience is an advantage, not essential
- Work experience in retail is an advantage, not essential

If you are interested, please contact us at

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